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Mid-Level Technical Documentation Writer [API, SDK, and Infrastructure Documentation]



Marketing & Communications, Software Engineering, IT, Other Engineering
Posted on Friday, February 9, 2024

This a remote job for candidates based in Europe.

We are looking for a full-time highly skilled and dedicated Technical Writer to join our Product team.

Mandatory Hard Skills 🎯

  • Technical Writing Proficiency: Expertise in creating clear, concise, and comprehensive documentation, including user guides, API documentation, and online help content.
  • Understanding of Software Development: Familiarity with software development processes and methodologies, such as Agile or Scrum, to effectively collaborate with development teams.
  • Markup Languages: Proficiency in markup languages such as Markdown, HTML, and XML, which are commonly used for writing and formatting documentation.
  • Version Control Systems: Experience with version control systems like Git, including platforms like GitHub or Bitbucket, for managing documentation revisions and collaboration.
  • API Documentation Tools: Knowledge of tools and specifications for documenting APIs, such as Swagger (OpenAPI) or RAML, to create accurate and user-friendly API documentation.
  • Technical Proficiency: Ability to read and understand code snippets and examples in programming languages relevant to the project (e.g., JavaScript), to write accurate documentation and examples.

Desirable Hard Skills 💕

  • Documentation Management Tools: Experience with documentation tools and content management systems (CMS) like Confluence, ReadTheDocs, or similar, to organize and publish documentation.
  • User Interface (UI) Tools: Familiarity with basic UI design principles and tools (e.g., Adobe XD, Sketch) to create or contribute to user interface documentation and micro-content.
  • Video and Graphic Editing: Skills in video production and graphic editing tools (e.g., Adobe Premiere, Photoshop) for creating multimedia content that complements written documentation.
  • Localization and Internationalization: Understanding of the principles of localization and internationalization to prepare documentation for translation and use by a global audience.
  • Analytics Tools: Knowledge of analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics) to track and analyze user engagement with documentation, helping to inform improvements.
  • Technical Communication Degrees or Certifications: Advanced degrees or certifications in technical communication, professional writing, or a related field that provides a theoretical and practical foundation in technical writing.

Soft Skills

  • Effective Communication: Ability to clearly and concisely convey information in written and verbal form, tailoring the message for different audiences, including technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Active Listening: Being fully present and engaged in conversations, showing a genuine effort to understand others' viewpoints, and incorporating feedback into documentation.
  • Team Collaboration: Working cooperatively with cross-functional teams, including developers, product managers, and support staff, to achieve common goals and produce cohesive and comprehensive documentation.
  • Adaptability: Flexibility in handling changes in technology, project requirements, and team dynamics, with a willingness to learn and apply new tools and processes.
  • Problem-Solving: Ability to identify issues in documentation or project workflows and creatively find effective solutions, improving efficiency and quality.
  • Time Management: Managing workload effectively, prioritizing tasks to meet deadlines while maintaining high-quality standards in a fast-paced environment.
  • Attention to Detail: A keen eye for detail to ensure accuracy, clarity, and consistency in documentation, catching and correcting errors before publication.
  • Empathy and User Advocacy: Understanding and anticipating the needs of the end-users of the documentation, ensuring the content is accessible, understandable, and meets their requirements.
  • Continuous Learning: A commitment to personal and professional growth, staying updated with industry trends, documentation best practices, and emerging technologies relevant to the role.
  • Resilience: The ability to handle feedback, setbacks, and challenges constructively, maintaining a positive attitude and focus on continuous improvement.
  • Self-Motivation: A proactive approach to tasks and projects, taking initiative without needing constant supervision, and driving documentation projects to completion.

What You'll Do 🖥️

  • Utilize your experience in software technical documentation writing to create high-quality documentation for Rocket.Chat.
  • Apply your knowledge of Swagger and Open API specification to document Rocket.Chat's APIs accurately.
  • Use your excellent communication skills to explain complex concepts simply and clearly to a diverse audience.
  • Produce various technical writing deliverables, including user guides, API documentation, and UX micro-content, supporting the effective use of Rocket.Chat.
  • Collaborate remotely with cross-functional teams, building strong relationships and fostering teamwork.
  • Quickly learn and understand complex technical concepts to ensure accurate documentation.
  • Embrace feedback to continuously improve the quality and usability of Rocket.Chat's documentation.
  • Work comfortably in a remote setting, collaborating across different countries and time zones.
  • Collaborate with team members, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing.


Our goal is to make your routine as a Rocketeer feel enjoyable, exciting, and comfortable in a 100% remote environment. So, you’ll receive a set of benefits to improve your remote work experience! They include a flexible schedule, unlimited Paid Time Off, language and tech courses, stock options, a multicultural environment with colleagues in over 26 countries, a vibrant company culture, and more!

About Rocket.Chat 🚀

‍Rocket.Chat is the world's largest open-source communications platform. Built for organizations needing more control over their communications, it enables collaboration between colleagues, partners, customers, communities, and even platforms without compromising data ownership, customizations, or integrations.

Tens of millions of users in over 150 countries and organizations such as Deutsche Bahn, the U.S. Navy and Credit Suisse trust Rocket.Chat every day to keep their communications completely private and secure. As Rocket.Chat we believe in reconnecting the world, one conversation at a time! See yourself in that? So apply now!

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